JW Forland 2024 Price in Pakistan Features


Starting in 1971, JW has become the No.1 commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. If you are into goods delivery or have a cargo business, then JW Forland is the perfect candidate for that in Pakistan. The Foton, with their flagship brand Forland, came into Pakistan with direct investment and a vision to be the best commercial vehicle within the next few years. JW Forland 2024 Price in Pakistan is surprisingly economical, considering the features they are providing. This machine can easily carry tons of weights with ease and maximum stability. Curious about the JW Forland 2024 Price in Pakistan? In this article, you will get the JW Forland Price, its features, and complete specifications.

JW Forland 2024 Price in Pakistan:

JW offers two variants in this category which are,

Variants Price
Forland C10 PKR 1,299,000/-
Forland C19 PKR 1,799,000/-

JW Forland Exterior:

Forland’s exterior is simple yet strong. It has a rigid body. The front grille is kept decent, and two eye-shaped enhanced headlamps accompany it so the driver can drive at night easily. The front brake is a disc hydraulic brake, and the rear brake is a drum hydraulic brake. Alloy wheels are used to ensure stability even on the toughest roads. On the back, a carrier is installed which can accommodate up to 1 ton of load.

JW Forland Interior 2024 in Pakistan:

The interior is kept simple. It can accommodate 5 passengers with ease. A parking sensor, air conditioner, and power steering are also installed, which cannot be found in any vehicle under this category. So, the driver would never get tired even after long, hectic journeys. The seats are not extraordinary but somewhat comfortable.

JW Forland Color 2024 Colors in Pakistan:

The JW Forland comes in white and egg-white colors.

JW Forland Engine:

It has a powerful engine pack in a dynamic body shape. The C10 variant has a 1000cc engine which generates power of 61hp @ 5600 RPM and a torque of 85 n.m. @ 3500 – 4000 rpm.

The C19 variant has a slightly different Engine. It has a 1809cc engine which generates power of 39hp @ 3000 rpm and a torque of 97 n.m. @ 2000 rpm. C10 has a four-cylinder and four strokes, while the C19 has an inline engine type.

JW Forland Engine

JW Forland Features:

Forland C10:
Clutch(mm) Diaphragm -spring clutch 180×25
Model LG465Q-2AE(Petrol)
Type Manual
Forland C19
Clutch(mm) Diaphragm -spring clutch 215
Driven System 5 Speed
Gear Ratio “1:4
Model 5T70
Type Manual
Dimensions C10 C19
Cargo height(mm) 320 320
Cargo length(inner) mm 2200 2200
Cargo width (mm) 1410 1410
Frame 130x50x4 130x50x4-750
Ground Clearance 180 180
Overall height(mm) 1890 1905
Overall length(mm) 3860 4470
Overall width(mm) 1510 1260/1260
Overhang(F/R)(mm) 895/1119
Overhang(F/R)(mm) 1260/1260 1260/1260
Turning radius 5.5
Wheelbase 2000 2456

JW Forland Features

JW Forland Specifications:

Weight Parameters C10 C19
Curb weight(kb) 950 1250
Front Axle(kg) 1000
G.V.W(kg) 2080 2280
Payload(kg) 1000 1500
Rear Axle(kg) 1500
Engine C10 C19
Bore X Stroke(mm) 6.5×78 80×90
Compression Ratio 9.3:1 18.0:1
Displacement(cc) 1000 1809
Emission Standard Euro IV Euro I
Fuel Type Petrol Diesel
Model LJ465Q-2AE(petrol)
Power/RPM(hp/rpm) 61/5600 39/3000
Torque/RPM(nm/rpm) 85M.M/3500-4000/min 97/2000
Type Four-Cylinder four strokes Inline
Values 8 8
Performance C10 C19
Fuel Tank(Litre) 40L 40L
Gradeability 25%
Maximum Speed(km/h) 90
Transmission C10 C19
Clutch(mm) Diaphragm -spring clutch 180×25 Diaphragm -spring clutch 215
Driven System 5 Speed
Gear Ratio “1:4
Model LG465Q-2AE(Petrol) 5T70
Type Manual Manual
Brake System C10 C19
Front Hydraulic Disc Brake Hydraulic Drum Brake
Rear Hydraulic Drum Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake
Suspension C10 C19
Front Rigid Axel Suspension Rigid Axel Suspension
Rear Rigid Axel Suspension Rigid Axel Suspension
Steering C10 C19
Steering Type Electric Power-assist Recirculating Ball Type
Tire C10 C19
Tire Size 165R13 175/70R14LT(rear single)

JW Forland 2024 in Pakistan Competitors:

JW are a major automobile company in Pakistan, yet its Forland has some significant competition in the market. Rustom V22’s competitors are DFSK Rustom V22, FAW Carrier, and KIA Frontier K2700.

Final Words:

I think the JW Forland has all the significant aspects that make it a decent mini-sized loader that can be beneficial for logistics/goods delivering companies, and it would be a great addition to the loader family in 2024. Its elegant body design and perceptible and distinguishable features equipped with many distinguishable features will surely grab customers’ attention. It has a four-cylinder and inline (Installed separately on each variant)  engine, which is beneficial in fuel average. That is why Forland is an excellent fuel-efficient vehicle for carrying heavy stuff. It would be proved a good competitor. However, some might not like it because of its high maintenance and spare parts, which are not easily available in some areas of Pakistan. But that doesn’t mean the automobile is not worth it. It has a spacious interior design with unique styling and comfortable seats, which are not available even in high-end loader cars, plus its economical pricing, which is a convincing point.

I hope this article helped you in getting familiar with the car’s features and specifications and will surely assist you when planning to buy one. This was all about JW Forland 2024 Price in Pakistan.

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