4 Wheeler Bikes in Pakistan Prices 2024


Have you ever ridden a 4-wheeler bike? Also known as ATV bikes, these bikes are perfect for a thrilling experience. This article will cover 4 wheeler bikes Prices in Pakistan in 2024. Whether you are an experienced rider or just riding for fun, these bikes make sure to facilitate with a wonderful ride. You must have seen these bikes on a beach or an off-road track. As many manufacturers have designed their bikes in different sizes, both adults and kids can ride these bikes. These bikes are also used in dirt racing competitions.

4 Wheeler Bikes Manufacturers:

Although companies like Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki are best known for their bikes, their ATV bikes can be expensive, and the price of some might set you back a couple of thousands of rupees. But you can also get a Chinese-manufactured ATV at a comparatively lower price than the other ATVs. Suzuki manufacturers are among the most popular ATVs and are currently leading the ATV industry.

4 Wheeler Bike Prices:

The prices of these bikes depend on their brand manufacturers, their engines, model, and specifications. We shall discuss all the prices for everyone, but some bikes might be costly.

Models Prices
4 Wheeler Water Cooled Engine PKR. 370,000/-
4 Wheeler Quad Bike 250cc Auto Engine PKR. 350,000/-
4 Wheeler Quad 125cc (Dragon Model) PKR. 220,000/-
4 Wheeler Quad Bike 70cc PKR. 150,000/-

These are all the latest prices for the bikes. However, prices can change at any instance because of changes in taxes and other expenditures.

4 Wheeler Bikes Design:

The design of the bikes is very simple. It has 4 tires beneath a solid square-shaped body. Dimensions are reasonably designed in order to provide maximum stability while drifting and turning. Some bikes even have a roof trail in order to prevent from serious injury. Furthermore, really stepped up the design game and introduced more fancy and stylish quad bikes. These bikes also have footrests and a comfortable translucent seat.

4 Wheeler Bikes Top Speed:

The top speed of these bikes is usually between 35 Km/h – 40 km/h. Some with high-end engines usually go between 85 Km/h – 100 Km/h

4 Wheeler Bikes Colours:

These bikes are available in various colors and in different combinations that add variety to them. Some combinations are

  • Black and Red
  • Yellow and Black
  • Gray and Black
  • All Black
  • All Red
  • All Blue
  • All Gray

4 Wheeler Bikes Capacities:

These bikes have a seating capacity of 2 persons and a fuel tank of 5L, which is perfect for sports racing or riding for fun since all these do not require that much fuel.

4 Wheeler Bikes Features:

What makes these bikes unique is their eye-catching body design, but that is not the only these bikes are equipped with. Some of its devastating features include

  • 35km/h speed limit
  • 12V battery
  • 80 kg load endurance
  • Drum and Disc
  • Astonishing Colours
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Electronic ignition
  • Electric starter
  • Two batteries
  • 5L petrol tank

4 Wheeler Bikes Specifications:

  250cc 125cc 70cc
Engine Auto/water cooled

Air Cooled 4 stroke

Auto Air Cooled 4-stroke Auto 4-Strike
Motor Fuel Engine Fuel Engine Fuel Engine
Top Speed 85 Km/h – 100 Km/h 60 Km/h – 70 Km/h 30 Km/h – 45 Km/h
Start Self-Start Self-Start Self-Star & Kick Start
Brakes Front: Drum

Rear: Hydraulic Brakes

Front: Drum

Rear: Hydraulic Brakes

Front: Drum

Rear: Hydraulic Brakes

Fuel Type Petrol Petrol Petrol
Seats Single Seat & Back Safety Carrier Single Seat & Back Safety Carrier Single Seat & Back Safety Carrier
Tires Tubeless Tubeless Tubeless
Headlights LED Lights LED Lights LED Lights
Roof Trail Optional
Battery 20V 15V 12V

4 Wheeler Bikes Handling:

Some people might be thinking that handling this bike is tough, but with proper technique, you can easily nail the handling of this bike. And once you have mastered the technique, it would be a child’s play.

4 Wheeler Bikes Facts:

The first ATV, which was introduced in the late 1980s, was very different from the bikes we see today. They had 6 wheels and were used on farms etc. Later in the late 90s, people realized the need and the potential of the bikes, and their popularity soon increased magnificently. That is why after decades, these cars can be seen in airports and shopping malls as a trolley or just for carrying stuff.

These bikes are further categorized into 3 which are road legal, off-road, and utilities.

Road legal are ones that can be driven on the road with road safety precautions and, of course, a driver’s license. The off-road and the utility ones are used for tough terrain work, racing events, or desert safaris.

Parking and maneuvering are easier at slow speeds, and the rear wheels of the bike move in opposite directions than the front wheels.

4 Wheelers Bikes Competitors:

There is not that much competition for these bikes in Pakistan as their market is restricted. Although Suzuki was the most popular brand for ATVs, but now Yamaha is leading the 4 Wheeler quad bikes industry globally by keep launching bikes with interesting and captivating designs. Although Suzuki and Honda have also made a comeback by launching their bikes, but Yamaha has set the bar so high that it would not be possible to out them from the business.

Final Words:

To conclude, these bikes have a charm of their own. They are made for thrilling, sporting, and fun activities. It’s not daily to use a bike but for occasional activities like roaming on the beach or on the roads with friends. The demand for these 4 wheeler bikes has dramatically increased within 8 years. As a result, this industry suddenly had a significant boom. That is why now we have Chinese 4 wheelers, which are not up to mark, but they will get the job done. Now you have all the information about the 4 wheeler Bikes; it’s time to hit the road and have a thrilling experience that awaits.

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