Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan is available here. Honda’s redesigned 125cc motorcycle is already on sale, with a base price of PKR 229,900. The corporation has altered several technical parameters and characteristics, most noticeably Tank Sticker. Up to date pricing information for the Honda 125 in Pakistan is listed below. The 125 now comes in two flavors, Kick Start and Self Start. Because of the differences in features, the two versions have different prices. The cost of the 125 in Pakistan can be shown below.

Cost of a New Honda 125 in Pakistan in 2024

Honda 125 kickstart models now cost PKR 234,900, while the Self Start model is priced at PKR 275,900. The following is information on the Honda 125 base model.

When one thinks about Honda motorcycles, thoughts of quality, performance, and, yes, resale value, immediately come to mind. The corporation has put all of this together for you in the form of a New Honda 125 2024 in Pakistan and given it to you in a bag. While the New Model’s price remains the same as last year’s, you can expect to see more fuel-efficient gasoline motorcycles with slicker taillights and gas tanks.

Honda 125 Specs:

This bike includes the following features:

2024 Honda 125 cc – All-New Sticker

Honda has released a new model with a new sticker and a single change to the striker, while all other features remain unchanged from prior iterations.

Specifications for a Honda 125

All the newest information about the Honda 125, including any updates to the bike’s engine or other components, is listed below.

The 2024 Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

The Honda Motor Company has released a new, self-starting 125cc model. In contrast, the cost of a Honda 125 self-starting motorcycle is Rs.275,900. In addition, the Tapay panels on the sides and the gas tank have been repainted. Aside from that, it’s essentially a standard Honda 125 starter in every other respect. Features and specifications are listed further down.

The 2024 Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

125 Conveniences for Instant Use:

The manufacturer installs a 4 stroke, OHV air cooled engine in the self-start model.

  • It’s possible to use either Kick Start or Self Start to get going.
  • The Honda 125 Self Start has a ground clearance of 133 mm.
  • The fuel capacity of this motorcycle is 9.2 liters.
  • The front tire size is 2.50 x 18 (38P).
  • The size of the rear tires is 3.00 x 17 (50P).
  • The Honda 125 Self Start has a transmission with 5 speeds of constant mesh.
  • The overall measurements are 1912 mm in length, 727 mm in height, and 1029 mm in width.
  • The Honda 125 has a dry weight of 108 kg.

What Will the 2024 Honda CB 125F Cost in Pakistan?

Honda CB 125F Price in Pakistan 2024 is now available, and interested parties can see the latest rates here. The Honda CG 125 has been replaced by the Honda CB 125F, a 125cc motorcycle manufactured by Honda in Europe and India. It is anticipated that Pakistan would import and produce the new Honda CB 125F model in 2024. The Honda 125 sold in Pakistan has a design language with its Japanese counterpart. The engine on a Honda CB 125F is an air-cooled, single-cylinder, overhead-camshaft design. It’s equipped with a 5-speed gearbox. The Honda CB 125F Price in Pakistan 2024 is available for more readers right now.

Pakistani Rupees PKR 380,900 for a Honda CB 125F.

The Honda CB 125F now features an enhanced HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine, a CBS (Combi Brake System) as an available extra, and a redesigned visual aesthetic. Along with modified side panels, a new visor, refurbished tail light, and a reworked fuel tank, it also boasted improved body dynamics.  The Honda CB 125F is a modern motorcycle with a stylish look. The improved fuel economy and powerful performance are the result of cutting-edge technology. The Honda CB 125F can handle the heat of Pakistan as well as the cold of Europe.

The Honda CB 125F has the following features:

  • A 4-stroke, liquid-cooled
  • 4-cylinder DOHC engine
  • CNC-machined aluminum mounting brackets
  • A sleek design; no need for re-packing or re-mapping
  • A front disk brake; a crash damage guarantee.
  • Cutting-edge technological enhancements
  • A “fit and ride” design; and a crash damage guarantee.

It’s also available at all Honda dealerships, according to the company’s official announcement, however some local dealers are selling it already. They also use authorized dealers to sell their products in Pakistan’s smaller cities.

The 2024 Honda 125 Dream Price in Pakistan

This is where you can learn about the 2024 Honda 125 Dream’s MSRP, MPG, and top speed. Due to the fact that the 2024 Honda CG Dream 125cc model has arrived in Pakistan. The Honda CG Dream 125cc is a luxury scooter powered by cutting-edge Japanese technology. The ride is pleasant and relaxing, providing a pleasant travel experience. The Honda CG Dream’s sturdy backbone-style body construction, rear grip, and smooth seat make it a pleasant ride. The LED taillights are dazzling and crystal-shaped, and the electrical system is top-notch. The addition of a digital speedometer raises its visual appeal, while the sleek and sporty design projects an air of modernity from bumper to bumper. In addition, the Honda 125 Dream Price in Pakistan 2024 is now available for those who are interested in purchasing one.

If you’re interested in the recently released Honda 125 Dream, you can find the latest information about its price in Pakistan in 2024 right here. On the other hand, we’ll detail the bike’s features and specs below so that everyone may learn about it.

Avg. Fuel Economy of a Honda 125 Dream

The Honda CG Dream 125cc is driven by a 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder, overhead-valve (OHV) engine with a smooth, quiet operation. The Honda CG 125 Euro 2 has a maximum power output of 11 horsepower and has lower fuel requirements. Honda’s engineers did a great job, as the vehicle gets an impressive 45 kilometers per liter on average.

The Honda 125cc CG Dream has a continuous mesh transmission with four gears. The Honda CG Dream 125cc has a stunning 12-liter fuel tank. It’s a kick starter with a Wet Type Multi-Plate smooth clutch. In addition to its great resale value, the Honda CG Dream comes with a three-year engine warranty. The wheels are sturdy and the rim is quite lively.  The Honda CG Dream 125cc sets the standard for durability and dependability. Red and black Honda CG Dream 125cc models are available.

Honda 125 Dream has a strong 4-stroke smoke-less engine, a stylish speedometer with an economy zone, an elegant front light, and a new shape for the backlight, as well as a comfortable seat with a rear grip and new graphics for the fuel tank.

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This bike is one of the most popular in Pakistan, and its features are shown above. Because Honda never skimps on quality, consumers never have to worry about their motorcycles breaking down. It seems like a lot to pay for a Honda 125 Price in Pakistan.

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